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What's the best diet for weight loss?

It's the one that works for you!

And what needs to happen for a diet to work for you?

You need to be able to ADHERE to it and SUSTAIN it for life.

Food is such a personal thing, and our bodies are all so unique that it's pretty unrealistic to think that what works great for one person is going to work just as well for the next.

INSERT-DIET-TREND-HERE might "work" in the sense that you'll lose weight if the diet has put you in a caloric deficit (cutting out food groups, limiting eating times etc), but if you feel unhappy and deprived all the time, chances are you're going to lose your mind and eventually "cheat" and overindulge, sending you back to square one.

Over my 6-month bikini prep, I counted macros and weighed my food to maintain a constant caloric deficit, which allowed me to eat a lot of the foods I wanted, as long as they fit into my macro targets and helped me feel "full" (news flash, I never felt full during prep lol). It worked great for me for that specific and very extreme goal, but it's not something I'm currently doing now that I've recovered from stage day.

Yes, weight loss is essentially a calories in-calories out equation, and tracking your intake can make that more precise, but if the thought of logging all your food is too daunting, check out these tips to help you manage your eating habits if you're trying to lose weight:

1. Prioritize high-volume, nutrient-dense foods and foods that make you feel full, and keep them as meal staples to build from. Proteins and veggies are key here! (This was a tip my prep coaches @RippedGeekFitness always reminded me of!)

2. Don't make any foods off-limit. (Good luck taking your mind off that food EVER.) If you're craving something, eat it, enjoy it and move on.

3. Don't force yourself to eat healthy foods you hate. Seriously. Food isn't a punishment. (Creed's mung beans, anyone?)

4. Be mindful of your portions, and don't be afraid to leave food on your plate. The food is wasted whether you toss it out or overstuff yourself. My Nonna always cringed at the thought of wasting food, so we'd always joke and remind her that she's not a garbage can... and neither are you!

4. Get creative in the kitchen. Try new flavours, find new recipes and choose variety so you never feel limited by your diet.

5. Get in tune with your body. (This is a bit of a tough one.) Learn to recognize your body's hunger and fullness signals. Learn to recognize why you eat when you do - is it out of hunger, boredom, stress, habit...?

If you've got any questions about these tips or would like some help with your fitness goals, I'm here for you!

Coach Dee @deefitdot coachdeefitdot@gmail.com www.deefitdotcoaching.com

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