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How to continue progressing your workouts from home (if that's your thing!)

First off, I want to address the fact that you don't need to keep up with your same fitness routine right now if it doesn't feel right. You do you!

Personally, I've been using my home workouts to improve my mobility, and I do them when I have a lull in my day or if I need a break from working at my computer. That's what I need right now!

If you have some serious fitness goals that you enjoy working toward, then I've got some tips to help you out!

Whether your goals are around strength, performance or weight loss, you need to force progression to achieve them. That might feel tough right now if you don't have much for weights at home to keep progressing your maxes on your movements.

Check out these solutions to upping your workout intensity without any equipment:

1. Add a plyometric/explosive component to your main movements

- Try a jump squat, plyo pushup, push press, single leg hops etc.

- Focus on soft landings (especially if you have downstairs neighbours!) and maintaining a strong core for better movement efficiency.

*This option can be hard on your joints and higher risk. Use caution and maintain high quality movement mechanics.

2. Slow down Strategically by increasing your time under tension

- Pause or slow down at certain points of an exercise to create enough stress on your body to mimic extra weight .

3. Work through more/new range of motion

- If you're not used to training your muscles through their full range of motion, they won't get strong in their full range of motion. Build strength where you don't have it, and you'll get stronger!

*Not everyone has the same range of motion so use caution and listen to your body when working through new mobility.

4. Breathe

- Time your breathing with your movements and don't allow yourself to hold your breath.

- This will force you to really focus on your core where you may have been holding your breath and 'cheating' your core before.

If you've got any questions about these tips or would like some help with your fitness goals, get in touch!

Coach Dee




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