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5 Tips to Help You Achieve your Fitness Goals in 2020

We're halfway through January. Would Michael Scott be proud of your progress? Or would you be eating the butt end of a broccoli stalk right now? (Where are my office fans at?)

1. Assess where you stand with your goals right meow.

Are you where you thought you'd be at this point? Does your goal feel overwhelming or far off in the distance?

It's important to be honest with yourself about where you stand so that you can move forward with a reasonable and attainable next step toward your end goal.

2. Reflect on the past.

Where did you have success? What worked for you? What didn't work? Where do you feel like you failed?

Don't knock the small successes. Maybe you didn't lose those 20 lbs you wanted to, but did you lose 5? Did you start going to the gym or walking more? Did you start eating more veggies or protein? These seemingly small feats are EVERYTHING on the path to the bigger end goal. Celebrate these wins now!


Don't beat yourself up about your failures or missteps. Take note, think about why it happened, and set a plan to overcome it and prevent it from happening again. Did you eat a whole bag of chips without even noticing? Don't keep chips in the house, buy single serve bags instead, or portion them out into a bowl and then brush your teeth after you've finished your serving.

Live. Learn.

3. Create accountability.

Tell a friend or family member what you're doing, schedule gym sessions into your calendar, make gym dates with a friend so you can't skip out, share your journey on social media to raise the stakes with yourself. Or how about you book a free chat with me? (That wasn't too shameless, was it?)

Show the world that your goals are important to you, and make sure they call you out when it seems like they're not!

4. Keep your friends close.

Achieving a goal requires making changes and creating new habits. CHANGE IS HARD. Don't make it harder by being alone in your journey.

When I was prepping for my bikini competition, I struggled. I had hard days and moments of high anxiety and frustration, and without friends and family to talk to, I would have crumbled and probably never made it to the stage to get my Pro Card.

Find your people and reach out when you need them.

5. Write it down.

Write down your goal so it's real, and look at it every day.

Write down your plan of attack, including the obstacles you'll inevitably face (willpower, life that'll get in the way, social events that revolve around food, etc...).

Write in your journal. Express your thoughts and feelings around each day, hitting the highs and lows, struggles, wins, things you said while you were hangry and any mantras or motivational sayings that remind you why you deserve to achieve your goal.

If you need an extra boost to get you on track to your goals, send me an email, DM me on Insta or fill out the contact form on my website. I'm here to help!

Coach Dee




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