My Training

  • Certified Personal Trainer - ACE Fitness

  • Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach - The Girls Gone Strong 

  • Certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist - Dr. Sarah Duvall

  • Natural Pro Bikini Athlete 2019 - NPAA


My Fitness Story

Training people is what gives me purpose. It inspires me, challenges me, and drives everything I do. 

I'm a certified personal trainer, with additional certifications for Pre and Postnatal training. Through the intricacies of the pre and postnatal world, I've learned how vital strong posture is to achieving any sort of fitness goal. I have extensive experience working with all kinds of clients from rehab to athletes, all working from the foundations of posture. So much of what I've learned as a coach comes from my own fitness journey from a non-athlete (picked last in gym over here!) to a natural bikini competitor, but also from the coaches and clients I've surrounded myself with over the years. All of this has helped me become the detail-oriented and knowledge-hungry coach that I am! 

I was a gym-person my whole life, but it took me a little life experience to realize that the gym was what I was going to make my career out of. Every new job endeavour I tried got me a little bit closer to what I was truly passionate about. 

Making the leap from stylist to personal trainer was oddly very natural. As a stylist, I loved connecting with clients and helping them see themselves in a light they'd never seen themselves in before. Personal training took this to a whole new level. 

Confidence comes from the inside, from the ability to overcome challenges and do things we never thought possible.